Services D&M Solutions, Inc Provides

An Industry Leader

D&M Solutions, Inc. is a proven leader in the Oil and Gas Service Industry with a focus on our clients that is second to none. Our office in Baker, Montana, provides an array of services for our coverage area in the oil fields of Eastern Montana and North and South Dakota.

  • Hot Oil Services
  • Super Sucker Services
  • High Pressure Truck Services
  • Vac Trucks
  • Acid Pumping & Transport
  • Hydrovac Services
  • Water Hauling
  • Side Dump Trailers Services
  • Saltwater Disposals
  • Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance
  • Winch Trucks
  • Mobil Waste Solidification
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Tank Rental
  • Tank Cleaning Services
  • Fresh & Heavy Salt Water Sales
  • TENORM Transportation
  • Containers
  • Solidified Waste Disposal

Business Goals & Standards

Our office takes pride in service, going out of our way to get the job done right, with an emphasis on Health, Safety and Environmental compliance. Our goals have been highly focused on providing the best possible service in the most efficient and economical way. This is done through a combination of proficiency, expertise, and an experienced staff. D&M Solutions, Inc. along with its sister companies, maintains a thorough safety program in which each employee participates on a regular basis.

Our office is consolidated into three vital components:

  • Trucking
  • Waste Management
  • Maintenance

All three components are complimentary to each other. D&M Solutions, Inc is highly respected for providing quality work with the knowledge and experience necessary for the job. This has allowed us to be the premier service company in the industry. D&M has a full service mechanic shop on site and a mobile service truck to keep all equipment in full working order per DOT regulations at all times. The shop staff is well known for their professional skills in handling all heavy equipment requirements allowing D&M to have elite equipment in the field. Together we will continue to go the distance safely….while still growing!