Our Divisions

D&M Solutions, Inc.

Oilfield Trucking Services

D&M Solutions, Inc. was formed in 1982 by Dale Leivestad and Monte Smith. In 1986 D&M purchased John’s Oilfield Service and expanded its area of operation to include Baker in southeast Montana and the western Dakotas. In 1990 Dale purchased Monte’s share of the business, and two years later purchased the equipment and customer base from Bob Eiker of Eiker, Inc.


The purchase of Eiker, Inc expanded D&M Solutions into the Sidney Area of northern Montana. Since this time, D&M Solutions, Inc. has greatly increased in size. With over 30 employees and an ever-expanding fleet of equipment, it continues to grow to meet the ever-increasing needs of its customers.

D&M Solutions, Inc. Hot oil truck

Badlands Resource Recovery, Inc.

Oilfield Waste Processing Facility

Badlands Resource Recovery, Inc (BRR) a sister company to D&M Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2018. BRR handles materials such as non-marketable crude oil produced from oilfield exploration and production and other exempt wastes produced from the Oil and Gas Industry.

Services Provided:

  • Exempt Waste
  • Bioremediation & Landfill
  • Consulting & Sampling
  • Liquid Waste Processing

With the development and use of two Class II Disposal facilities strategically located in southeastern Montana, coupled with the development of a new Special Waste site in southwest North Dakota, BRR posses the capabilities of giving its client base an environmentally sound disposal solution, whether it be solid or liquid exempt wastes.


BRR’s development as a leader in the waste management industry has aided in the growth of D&M Solutions, Inc. team.

Badlands Recovery Resource, Inc.

Little Missouri Special, Inc.

Oilfield Waste Exemption

Little Missouri Special, Inc (LMS) is a Solid Waste Landfill located south of Marmarth, ND. For the last eight years, LMS has teamed up with the leading specialists in both the Compost and Special Waste Industries to compile the most comprehensive plan that not only meets but exceeds the North Dakota Department of Health Regulations regarding Special Waste Landfills.


The LMS facility is a needed solution to ensure the proper disposal of special waste produced by the oil and gas industry. The process includes separating solids from the liquids before the waste ever enters the compost treatment facility. Strict testing will follow to confirm all solid waste will comply with the North Dakota Department of Health Regulations before being entombed in specially designed cells made of impermeable clay.

LMS partners with both Badlands Resource Recovery, Inc. and D&M Solutions, Inc. to make it the one and only waste solution needed in the oil and gas industry.

Little Missouri Special, Inc.